This committee will establish commitment of the NUOPC OPCs for implementation, upgrade, operation, and management of the NUE. It will review the operational processes at NCEP, FNMOC, and AFWA. Monitor implementation of the NUE operational schedule including

  • Transmission of raw member data
  • Transmission of statistically derived parameters
  • Product distribution between centers and to the public

It will present evaluation results to the ESG (for oversight) and OPC (for approaval)

  • NCEP and FNMOC will present metric results
  • NCEP, FNMOC, and AFWA will each make recommendations on which NUOPC multi-model products will be produced

Make resource estimates for implementation of selected products

  • Include post-processing costs (if any)
  • Include NOMADS upgrade costs (if any) to add multi-model products
  • Include public access costs to add NUOPC products at each organization's public websites and include upgrade / maintenance costs for those web sites

Coordinate UEO upgrades

  • Description of Participant model technical and performance changes 
  • Advanced notification of expected implementation schedule
  • Dissemination of test datasets, as appropriate

Review and recommend to the ESG NUE requirements for computational and communications infrastructure.

UEO Terms of Reference | Operational Management Plan

UEO NUOPC Reporting Metrics

Nominal Membership

  • U.S. Air Force
  • Navy
  • NOAA



1315 East-West Highway
     Silver Spring, MD 20910

About Us

The Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC) was formed in 2010, with an updated Charter in 2016, between the original NUOPC partners with the addition of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Energy (DOE), and National Science Foundation (NSF) to improve coordination and collaboration across federally sponsored environmental research and operational prediction communities for scientific development and operational implementation of improved global prediction at the weather-to-climate interface.


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