This committee examines the current and future High Performance Computing (HPC) architecture needs to meet the requirements of current and future Earth System Modeling Applications.  These requirements will include both legislated / externally documented requirements and internally perceived requirements to research and operationally Earth System Models now and in the future.

Membership will be drawn from the participating agencies with stakeholders as needed.

In November, 2017, the HPC WG hosted a Community Round Table Discussion at SuperComputing 2017 in Denver, CO.  The slides linked below were presented at the talk.

Super Computing 2017 Presentation

Nominal Membership:

  • NOAA
  • UCAR
  • Navy
  • NASA
  • DoD HPC
  • DoE


Phone: 301-713-2458
Address: 1315 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910

About Us

The Earth System Prediction Capability (ESPC) was formed in 2010, with an updated Charter in 2016, between the original NUOPC partners with the addition of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Energy (DOE), and National Science Foundation (NSF) to improve coordination and collaboration across federally sponsored environmental research and operational prediction communities for scientific development and operational implementation of improved global prediction at the weather-to-climate interface.


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